Adrian Tjahjana

Portrait of Adrian Tjahjana

Bachelor of Graphic Design

Hi, hello. It’s me!

My design journey has taken me from 90s fashion magazines to landscape photography, through sneaker and streetwear culture, countless hours of food TV (imposing meat-flavoured foams and sous-vide cupcakes on my friends) and eventually to apparel design, where my friends and I decided to start a clothing brand. When we set that ship on fire and sent it into the darkness, I started this here degree in graphic design.

I love the scope of design. That everything we see, hear, hold, touch, read, or throw at the sea in frustration has been deliberately made. Products can make our lives easier, and experiences can make our lives richer.

I want to be a part of that. Even if it’s just one person, maybe I can change their world. Even if it’s just for one day.


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