Boon Khun Ooi

Portrait of Boon Khun Ooi

Bachelor of Graphic Design

Illustrator. Animator. Graphic Designer.

Proven fifteen year track record of graphic design in advertising, children’s illustration, retail design as well as the design and development of branded merchandise. I have worked with many clients in a number of nations. Immediately before my advanced academic entry, I led a team working with clients such as the Malaysian Ministry of Education, Singapore-based Disney and Singapore-based Cartoon Network companies. My specialties are storybook illustration, toy design, animation, print design, branding, brochures, banners, corporate design, identity (logo) design and all points in-between. I draw and am passionate about illustration. I strive for a balance between functionality, visual impact and practically. Every piece of design can be an artwork. Outside my current academic work, I do freelance bilingual animation and illustration for Southeast Asian clients.


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