Brett English

Portrait of Brett English

Bachelor of Graphic Design
Bachelor of Industrial Design

I have a background in industrial design and have sought to apply the skills learned in that area to my graphic design work. I enjoy producing images that incorporate a 3D element with more traditional 2D design techniques. Rather than photographing an item or texture I would sooner create it, resulting in images that are adaptable in terms of colour, form and lighting and are reusable as new applications arise.

In addition to creating digital objects and scenes I also like to apply a variety of software techniques to existing photographic media taking them beyond the scope of the original image. In this way I am able to achieve an original and distinctive look to my design work.

After my studies are complete I hope to work in an area that allows me to explore my interest in digital design. I envisage motion graphics used in film and web along with advertising, marketing and development of products to be a promising area to focus my further development and work as a designer.


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