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At Giraffe, we like change. We’re all about new ways of doing things, being innovative and helping staff, clients and community reach their fullest potential.

We’ve worked with all industry sectors; small and large private sector, Federal, ACT and NSW Governments, the arts, education, tourism, non-profit, national association, trades, retail, hospitality, IT and other professional services. Our creative services have contributed to:

  • the successful distribution of numerous government information campaigns such as the TV energy rating labelling scheme
  • the success of national events bringing investment dollars to our city such as the Canberra International Film Festival
  • the fostering and promotion of talented musicians and artists through Art Not Apart
  • attracting global talent through programs we’ve worked on with ANU and UC
  • an inclusive and welcoming society through programs we have delivered with the Equality Rights Alliance
  • the delivery of a new and diverse local economy by assisting with the growth of businesses such as Wokitup!, the George Harcourt Inn and Rivoland Tiles.


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