Jesse Goonerage

Portrait of Jesse Goonerage

Bachelor of Graphic Design

My motto is: Good design communicates, and the best design needs no written explanation.

I’m a 4th year CIT graduate and UC graphic design student with experience in art and design. I’ve always believed in design as an important part of the world we live in and creativity has always been a part of me growing up. As a designer I like to specialise in logo design, user interface and illustration. I am also fascinated by other areas such as layout, type, and web design. For these sorts of works when i’m allowed some lee way, I like to incorporate some humour where I can. Design doesn’t always need to take itself too seriously, after all. In the past i’ve completed 4 graphic design work placements and internships for companies around Canberra. After graduation, I hope to gain even more experience alongside industry professionals inside of a cool, innovative and fun creative agency doing meaningful work for clients.


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