Kaidi Zhang

Portrait of Kaidi Zhang

Bachelor of Graphic Design

Hey there, my name is Kaidi a passionate graphic designer from China. I’m currently studying my Bachelor of Graphic Design at the University of Canberra. The reason I decided to study design was because of my artistic interest for painting and creating things in order to express myself. I get excited and feel alive when I can make an idea become a reality. Like all young people I like to travel and be a part of new experiences.

I have worked at Australian insider a news reporting agency located in the New Parliament House. My main responsibilities included news gathering , for example, collecting Parliamentary interviews and conducting press conferences shooting/filming. I was also responsible for the post-editing production of those videos. A large amount of my time was focused on content managing and curating information for digital and/or print publication. I am currently completing my internship at a radio station and in my graphic design role I develop branding and promotional collateral for the organisation: poster, logo design, flyer, business card, and website design, etc. I am proud to see the works that I have produced applied in a real-life creative context.



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