Oath & Stone

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People will tell you they’re “passionate about what they do” and they “think outside the box”.


We’re Oath & Stone, and we’re definitely “passionate thinkers”, but this isn’t what sets us apart. As designers, it’s literally our job to think outside the box; in the same way that a bank should be trusted with money, and a chef should wash their hands before making your Parmigiana.

We’re a bespoke graphic design studio who sees the box, and wonders whether a basket could do the same job. We love getting creative with small businesses, and people who are excited to partner on something seriously great. We get a kick out of fun projects that invigorate the community, and live for transforming ideas of the heart into tangible things.

We’re proud to lend our support, welcome our newest designers into the community, and watch them as they grow in their craft.



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