Oliver Herzog

Portrait of Oliver Herzog

Bachelor of Graphic Design
Bachelor of Communication in Advertising

Hi there. I’m a graphic designer slash creative slash out-of-the-box thinker slash part-time daydreamer.

I have a passion for telling stories, creating meaningful brand and visual identities and designing engaging logos and user interfaces from time to time. I’m also passionate about coming up with the right solution for the problem at hand, keeping it detailed and pineapple on pizza.

In the future, I hope to one day become a creative director. However, after graduating I hope to develop my professional skills as either a graphic designer, copywriter or art director at a creative agency that doesn’t mind my quirky sense of humour, from time to time.

Despite all this, I’ve got two left feet, which my doctor doesn’t think is physically possible and I crack my jokes like I crack my eggs… pretty horribly actually.



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