Sanduni Attygalle Wijeratne

Portrait of Sanduni Attygalle Wijeratne

Bachelor of Graphic Design

I am a budding designer trying to tame the wild artist within me and failing epically. I love to create anything out of nothing and focus on an array of different art and design styles. My love for design grew from my passion for drawing. Now skilled in both digital and print I want to keep growing and finding out what else I can create.

My current goal has been to start my own business doing childrens illustrations and it has been an incredible learning curve. I am currently in the middle of rebranding the old business after a year of learning the ups and downs, what works and doesn’t work. You’re welcome to ask me about it and I’d love to share it with you. I create greeting cards and paint flora and cartoons. My preferred materials are watercolours and pens. I would love to work for Disney one day.

Outside of uni and work I love to garden, cook dessert and get myself caught up in DIY projects for the house. I’m not very good at staying still.


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