Tracy Ng

Portrait of Tracy Ng

Bachelor of Graphic Design
Bachelor of Hotel Management

I’m a multi-disciplinary creative based in Canberra, Australia. My body of work is largely Visual Arts focused with Graphic Design sensibilities. I am currently employed as the Graduate Junior Graphic Designer at the Canberra Institute of Technology Student Association (CITSA) and I had worked as the designer at the Australian National University (ANU) Venture Lab project for two months.

In the future I would like to move into the role of a Service Designer. In our final year subjects at UC we integrate ‘Design Thinking’ principles into developing strategies and solutions for our clients. Our briefs are focused around the collaborative environment of ‘Co-Design’, which a fundamental part of the service designing process involves.

In my spare-time I:

  • Freelance and my main clients are local start-up organisations
  • Provide one-on-one tutoring sessions with some graphic design students at the Canberra Institute of Technology, Reid campus
  • Am teaching myself how to use 3D software ‘Cinema 4D’ to create crazy-cool visual graphics; and
  • I like re-reading some of my old magazines


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